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Toner Plastics crafts

Toner Plastics manufacture items that are widely used at camps. CraftLace (a.k.a., lanyard, gimp) is the #1 camp project! 

We offer 100-yard spools, 250-yard spools, and — our most popular — our jumbo spools, which have 5,000 yards!

We have more colors than you can imagine, which includes translucent and holographic!

We also offer assorted findings like keyrings and lanyard hooks, Weave Wheels for making lanyards, and many other activity items.  

Our sister company, The Beadery, is a bead manufacturer and has a wide assortment of pony beads, alpha beads, and other fashion beads that kids make friendship bracelets with.

A lot of our customers start off buying their camp colors, and each kid makes a bracelet representing those camp colors.

Our manufacturing plants are in the USA; we are in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and our typical lead time is three weeks or sooner. 

We have provided a very generous camp discount for you as well.

Please contact Robbin Burton at with any questions and orders.

The Beadery craft supplies

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