WayUp partners with camps across the U.S. to help them recruit and hire qualified candidates for their open roles.  

We have more than 5M+ early-career candidates across 7,000+ US colleges and universities, and we offer digital solutions to help lean teams source, automatically sort, and qualify candidates — taking the heavy lifting out of hiring.

We source candidates for you.

Our team sources for you based on your unique criteria (including: ethnicity, gender, major, location, and more!) and sends personalized messages inviting them to apply. 

Automatically sort and qualify candidates based on your qualifications.

Automate your applicant review process to focus on the most qualified and interested applicants for your roles such as: availability, specialty interest, experience, and more! 

We’re your partner. 

When it comes to early-career hiring, we’re an extension of your team. From posting jobs to proactively sourcing and candidate screening — you can count on us. 

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