Featured Speaker - ACA, Michigan 2019 Fall Gathering

Tracey Gaslin, PhD, CPNP, FNP-BC, CRNI, RN-BC-Association of Camp Nursing

A professor and dual certified nurse practitioner in pediatrics and adults.  She completed her PhD in Educational and Organizational Leadership and taught for 10 years specializing in camp nursing, service leadership, and hematology. Dr. Gaslin periodically works as a camp consultant and legal consultant and publishes the majority of her work in the areas of bleeding disorders, camp nursing, and leadership.


Dr. Gaslin served as the Medical Director at a special needs camp for six years.  She currently serves as a Hemophilia Nurse Practitioner and the Executive Director for the Association of Camp Nursing where she travels to different areas of the US and Canada educating healthcare providers about camp health.



Tracey's Breakouts Include:

What Does It Mean to be a Trauma Informed Camp?

We understand the changing cultural landscape can lend to children and adults experiencing traumatic events in their lives.  These events can impact their ability to socially adapt or interact with others in a community-based environment.  This session will outline some simple steps to help meet the needs of individuals using a trauma-informed approach. 


Behavioral Health Support at Camp: How Do We Do That?

Camps often cannot afford to have a behavioral health specialist on staff.The need for behavioral support still remains.  This session will outline some simple steps to respond to campers and staff needing support and/or intervention.  Participants will learn about different methods for providing mental, emotional, and social (MESH) assistance to campers and/or staff.


Ask Away…. Everything you Wanted to Know about your Healthcare Services

Camps often find they have questions about health care operations and how they move toward best practices.  This session will respond to spontaneous questions from participants and help highlight key operations that support a healthy camp experience.