Keynote Speaker - ACA, Michigan 2018 Fall Gathering

Joe RichardsSusan Fee

Susan Fee is a therapist, author, 2016 TEDx speaker, and trainer.  She speaks nationally on communication skills, conflict resolution, resiliency, and motivation.  She’s the author of numerous magazine articles and books including, 101 Ways to Make Your Message Stick, 101 ideas & Insights About Resolving Conflict, and the The Manager’s Motivation Handbook.


Keynote-Modeling Self-Care

In theory, most people agree self-care is vital to warding off burnout. So why is it so hard? Because self-care involves setting boundaries, carving time out for yourself, and saying no to others. It has to do with self-worth and that gets misinterpreted as being "selfish." It's also hard if you've never seen an example of how to do it well. To be the best leader, teacher, educator and servant, it's imperative that you also practice and model self-care.