Keynote Speakers - Mid Atlantic Camp Conference

Opening Keynote Speaker - Kat Shreve

Just minutes after the Shreve Family station wagon arrived at Camp Meadowlea in Bridgeport, WV and Kat jumped out, her career path in camp began.  Since then, Kat has worn many hats in the world of camp and experiential education.  Kat has worked for Project Adventure as a facilitator and developed environmental education programs at Rock Eagle 4-H Center.  Additionally, in her 30+ years in camp, Kat has directed the Athens YWCO Camp for Girls, Girl Scout Camp Meriwether, YMCA Camp Colman, and currently, she is the Director of Programs for Camp Kudzu, a camp for children living with type 1diabetes. 

As an active member of the American Camp Association, Kat serves as an Accreditation Visitor and Instructor Trainer.  During her tenure with ACA, Kat has served as the Education Director for ACA and has volunteered for several years with the Southeastern and Evergreen Region Board of Directors and is, presently, the Membership Chair for ACA Southeastern.  And, if that wasn’t enough, Kat is on the Editorial Advisory Committee for Camping Magazine.  (Hang in there), Kat also serves on ACA’s National Awards Committee. 

Kat has spoken at several youth professional gatherings from camp professionals to recreation professionals to educators.  She was on the writing team for two books, Creating Positive Youth Outcomes and Designing Quality Youth Program. 

Kat graduated from the Recreation & Leisure Studies program at the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Education.  In 2007, Kat was honored as the University of Georgia College of Education Professional Alumni of the Year.  

She’s a diehard UGA Football fan, still active on Facebook, has a camper of her own- 10-year-old Davis, and owns a miniature dachshund, Willie, who is yours for the asking- just make sure you own a mop before you take him- and believes everyone should have the opportunity to go to camp!