Keynote Speakers - Mid Atlantic Camp Conference

Keynote Speaker

Kim Aycock headshotKim Aycock

Meet our Keynote Speaker, Kim Aycock, Camp 2 Campus Learning Solutions

Kim Aycock, MST, has 30+ years of experience blending the skills of a master teacher with the knowledge of a seasoned camp expert.  She trains camp staff at all levels and speaks professionally at regional and national conferences.  Kim has the ability to connect with and motivate learners of all ages through her interactive and innovative presentations.  

Kim will provide our Keynote address with a follow up breakout session as an additional opportunity to gain even more tools to enhance staff training and build camp culture. 


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Discovering Staffing Strategies That Work

Let’s face it!  Yesterday’s hiring practices aren’t achieving the results needed to get staff to work at camp in today’s world.  Stack the odds in your favor for tomorrow by understanding the latest staffing trends and brainstorming promising practices for recruiting and hiring.  Learn initial findings from ACA’s Task Force, Project Real Job, to help overcome the realities of filling staff positions and focus your energy with effective tactics for this year's hiring season! 


Closing Keynote Speaker

Ruby Compton headshotRuby Compton, Ruby Outdoors

Ruby Compton spent over ten years working in the outdoor industry in summer camp, environmental education, and management. The outdoors have always been a place of respite and comfort for Ruby and as she has progressed through her career, she has seen the importance of balance, professionalism, and prioritizing time to watch sunrises and sunsets on a regular basis. 

Ruby has special interests in work cultures, staff training, productivity, and systems and processes. She also has a special interest in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina where there is an outdoor adventure for any weather condition. The mountains are full of adventure, stories, peace, healing, and joy. 

Ruby shares her expertise presenting at conferences across North America, blogging, and podcasting on the staff training podcast Camp Code. She is an active volunteer for the American Camp Association and likes to nerd out about productivity hacks and craft beers. 


Why Summer Camp Matters in the World Today

In an ever changing and uncertain world, summer camp provides campers, staff, and parents alike an opportunity to engage in social experiments and genuine learning leading to empowerment to #bethechange they want to see in the world. This keynote highlights the importance of the work that is done at camp and provides affirmation for why camp work is necessary for the future.

Featured Speaker

Lee BiearLee Biear, 829 Studios

Lee Albrecht Biear, MPH, is an experienced public health professional and marketing outreach advocate for US federal government and private sector organizations. She personally devised and led marketing efforts of new products and services for commercial and federal organizations, including the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Lee is a proud and passionate advocate of the camp experience - 365 days of the year.  As a former camp counselor and program director, she’s seen first-hand how camp helps kids develop self-confidence, lifelong friendships, and exceptional success as adults.  Her children Maddie (7), Morgan (5), Miles (3) spend every summer living and loving the camp experience.

She currently directs marketing for a family-owned Northern Wisconsin summer camp and advises a larger, diverse set of camps in her role at 829 Studios.  She helps camps develop effective value propositions for their unique program and promote these effectively in marketing, website presence, social media, and alumni reach-outs.   Lee brings successful marketing/ technology best practices that drive personalized connection, early enrollment, and camp awareness with current families and future  prospects.  She delivers creative and fun methods to engage camping families quickly - without extensive time, staff, budget, or technology expertise requirements.

Lee is a popular speaker at major conferences, including American Camp Association (ACA) Tri-States and ACA National.  She holds a Bachelor Degree in Public Health from Wisconsin Eau-Claire and a Masters Degree in Public Health from Tulane University.


If Mr. Rogers Went To Camp

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in heart forever.” – Native American Proverb

Mr. Rogers is revered as a legend in storytelling, education, entertainment, and childhood development.  For more than 30 years, he took young minds to places they had never been before and made them feel safe, excited, and included. We are going to relate Mr. Rogers strategies for attracting life-long followers and how these can be applied in your marketing outreach. After attending this session, you will walk away with a playbook for creating a fun and unforgettable brand for your unique camp program.