Boost Your Camp Scholarship Fundraising with the Help of ACA

September 11, 2017
Tom Rosenberg, President/CEO

This October, ACA-accredited camps have an additional opportunity to raise money for their own camp scholarship programs. Now in its fourth year, Camp Moves Me is changing the program’s format to become more beneficial to participating camps. This year, 90 percent of the money your Camp Moves Me team raises goes back to your camp scholarship fund. Log the number of miles you walk/run/bike/hike/swim during the month of October and receive pledges for every mile you move.

Over the last three years, the Camp Moves Me program has raised more than $185,000 to help send more than 850 campers to ACA-accredited camps.

All of us in the camp industry know the value of the camp experience. Children learn how to make new friends at camp. They experience different cultures. They build confidence. They explore new activities. They learn skills such as collaboration, communication, responsibility, and leadership that will take them further in their future careers.

By participating in Camp Moves Me and raising money for your scholarship program, you are giving more children the chance to experience the lifechanging, positive effects of camp.

How to Participate

  1. If you haven’t yet, join the ACA Camper Scholarship Program for Camps.
  2. Register your camp on RallyUp.
  3. Build your team.
  4. Find people to pledge to your cause — supporters can pledge per mile or donate a set amount.
  5. Move in the month of October.
  6. Build more support and share your experience on social media using the hashtag #CampMovesMe
  7. Log your miles on your RallyUp page.

ACA has additional marketing resources available to help you promote your participation in Camp Moves Me to recruit members to your team and attract potential pledgers.

Join us in moving for Camp Moves Me this October. Let’s work together to send more kids to your camp.