Carbon Footprint

October 29, 2013

Did you know that on October 31st, the planet will become a 7 billion-strong population? And half of that 7 billion are under the age 25! An overwhelming number, isn’t it?

Yet, I can only get my head around the implications (such as available resources, including all of the issues surrounding climate change — water, food, weather) if I consider the issue from my small perspective. What do I do?

I know I can turn off the lights, drive less, watch less TV, reduce my use of plastic, turn down my heat, and recycle. Yet, the camp community also has an opportunity to help each camper become a champion of the “carbon footprint” effort. A campaign for our planet led by the world’s most important asset — youth. Youth changed our use of seat belts. Youth changed our sense of responsibility to pick up trash and not throw waste out of our car windows. Youth helped us support Smokey the Bear. They are powerful advocates!

So, how do we mobilize youth at our camps this summer? What will you do? We can conserve water and electricity, we can encourage kids to walk places when they go home, we can recycle, and we can help them understand how to grow and produce food. Yet, as a camp community, what can we do next summer to make a difference — for our campers and our world? One person at a time, as a collective 7 billion. What are your ideas for mobilizing each small footprint to impact the larger footprint?

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