Exciting New Updates in ACA Professional Development!

November 17, 2020
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ACA's Professional Development Center — Tools, Resources, and Education built by Camp Professionals for Camp Professionals

ACA is excited to announce our recently redesigned and updated online Learning Center, which is now easier to use and prioritizes camp professionals’ current needs. Featured updates include digital badging, allowing learners to conveniently display a trustworthy record of their credentials, and the release of four new special packages focusing on hot topics for camp professionals. Lean into the updated special course packages built with different positions for camp and other youth development professionals. These four new budget-friendly packages are $100 or less through the end of 2020.

New Special Packages

Updated Special Packages

Invest in tomorrow today. When you purchase an ACA Special Package, you can select content that meets your professional and personal interests! Our packages allow for flexibility in your schedule. You can begin the coursework when you are ready to do so, within a year of purchase date. Your package will provide self-guided learning with educational engagements throughout. Upon the completion of the package, you will receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge both reflecting number of CECs earned.

Whether you're a seasoned camp professional, an ambitious leader, an out-of-school-time youth development worker, or a first-time counselor, ACA’s Professional Development Center (PDC) will inspire you through learning opportunities for you and your staff that raise your value and increase your impact. ACA has the coursework, tools, services, and resources you and your staff need! ACA's PDC — a learning community that connects learners to professional development opportunities — will help propel your work and your career along the path you choose. With ACA, you can realize your capacity to learn, innovate, collaborate, and lead campers and staff with meaningful outcomes.

Quality Staff leads to Quality Programs leads to Quality Experiences

Quality staff leads to quality programs that ultimately lead to quality experiences for kids. Offering professional development for your camp staff to perform better prepares them for positions of greater responsibility. Investing in professional development of staff also helps them feel valued. When you have an organization full of valued individuals, morale — and, in turn, productivity — will be at an all-time high.

It’s time to invest in yourself, your camp, and your future! For more information, check out ACA's Special Course Packages.