FAQ — National Conference Safety Requirements

January 18, 2022

 As the pandemic continues to evolve, impacting events, travel, and everyday activities, the American Camp Association (ACA) has implemented additional mitigation strategies as requirements for attending the 2022 National Conference in Portland, Oregon. ACA will continue to follow federal, state, and local health official guidance for all events and will make any adjustments as necessary. These requirements align with best practices that promote the safety of our participants and staff as our guiding principle. 

The updated strategies from 1.12.22 can be found here. As you can imagine, this update resulted in a few questions from individuals planning to attend. Together with our team of public health experts we will continue to answer your questions to the best of our ability.  

If you have a question, that has not been address by the questions and answers below, please feel free to send health and safety questions and concerns to customerservice@ACAcamps.org

Will ACA accept a telehealth at-home test (a test at home on video supervised by a health professional) instead of a lab test? 

Yes, a digital or printed photo of a negative at-home test preferrablly administered byCLIA-certified telehealth service that includes the name of the attendee, the type of test, and the test date will be accepted.  

May I use a KF94 mask instead of an N95 or KN95 mask? 

Yes, this type of mask is the Korean N95 and it is an approved and acceptable mask.  

I’ve booked my flights and I'm flying on the February 7, but I can’t schedule a test for the February 4 or 5 — what do I do?

We are asking you to get tested with known results to the best of your ability and availability as close to traveling as possible. The key is getting tested and getting results back before you leave.  

ACA On-Site Testing Available  New

In accordance with the ACA Safety Meeting guidelines, Heed Health will be offering ACA-approved rapid antigen testing at the Holladay Lobby entrance to the Oregon Convention Cenrer starting Monday 2/7. Skip the line at your local pharmacy and visit the Heed Health Testing Station conveniently located at the entrance to the ACA National Conference next to the registration desk!

Click here to pre-register for an on-site COVID-19 test!  

You can find testing options here: 

What should I do if we will have already been in the Portland area 72 hours before the conference starts due to preconference activities? 

You will need a negative test result within 72 hours of attending all ACA-related preconference events. If you’re planning to be in Portland due to non-ACA related events, you will need to procure testing with known results in the greater Portland area prior to attending.  

Waivers are not mentioned in the update — are those still required? 

Yes, waivers are still required. Find a waiver here.

What if someone (child, spouse, roommate) I live with tests positive, but I test negative — can I still attend? 

Please follow close contact guidance as outlined by the CDC. If you’re exposed to someone who has tested positive — please review the new CDC quarantine and isolation guidelines.

I’m scheduled to be a speaker in Portland. What do I do if I test positive within the 72 hours prior to arriving, but I'm asymptomatic? 

All individuals, including speakers, who test positive within 10 days of the conference, including the vaccinated and boosted, will not be able to attend. A negative test is required to attend. If you test positive and you’re schedule to be a speaker, please email your contact at ACA as soon as possible. Please review the current CDC guidance

I would like to request exemption from the COVID-19 testing requirement due to my sincere religious beliefs. 

There is no exemption from the COVID-19 testing requirement for religious beliefs. 

What’s the difference between isolation and quarantine? 

You would quarantine if you were exposed (or were in close contact) with someone who has COVID-19. You would isolate if you are sick or test positive, even if you don’t have symptoms. See this link to the CDC for additional details.

Does ACA have any guidelines for acceptable vaccination documents from international attendees (in my case, from Canada)? 

Yes, government or healthcare provider documents with any vaccine that has WHO approval will be accepted. Find the full list of WHO-approved vaccines here.