Get Rid of the Learning Problem Once and for All

August 13, 2012

Articles are once again popping up about adding school days to the academic year. No one argues that year-round learning is not only developmentally and academically sound, but also pertinent to the issues of safety and wellbeing for many children who may not have something to do over the summer. Where we seem to diverge is the appreciation on how best to accomplish those desired outcomes.

The organized camp industry for children and youth provides nearly 216 million dollars for those who might not otherwise have a camp experience. The research that has been done absolutely supports the fact that a quality camp experience is a viable expanded learning environment that not only meets the developmental needs of a child but compliments academic success. A camp experience can stem learning loss that so many suffer.

If those outside the camp industry were to provide equal, if not more, support for children and youth to have the opportunity to have a quality camp experience, we might have a new solution to an old argument. If we want to get rid of the learning problem, we need new solutions.

Photo courtesy of Camp Courageous, Monticello, Iowa