If I Were Queen

July 9, 2013

Recently, camp has received some uninformed exposure in the media, and as stewards for youth and the camp experience, we must be prepared to respond with facts. We must use this opportunity to shine a light on the critical 21st-century skills our campers learn, our care in providing role models, and our continued efforts to reach every child with a quality camp experience.

If I were queen, I would wave my magic wand and ban all poorly researched articles that allow people to unfairly use their influence. (Although, I am happy to say that Dr. Drexler, who wrote the blog post I’m referring to, appended her post after receiving my letter and reading the many comments in support of camp.) If I were queen, television would look for ways to portray experiences with honesty and sincerity, instead of trying to sensationalize for entertainment purposes.

Ah, but alas, I am not Queen and probably for good reason. That said, I, like obviously everyone else, can share an opinion when dismayed — and you can, too!

Photo courtesy of Victory Junction, Randleman, North Carolina