Seeing the Storm through Children’s Eyes

October 30, 2012

I sit here today like many others across the nation watching the weather event taking place in the Northeast. My thoughts go to the children. Although I grew up in “tornado alley,” weather was rarely a distraction. With all of the talk about global warming and one dramatic weather event after another, it seems these topics are as oppressive for young children today as the Bay of the Pigs was for me as a child.

The adult talk in nervous, hushed voices frightened me as much as the black and white granular news coverage or the school safety drills at school. I wonder today how children are managing the glaring, relentless coverage (in HD) of the world’s weather challenges.

“Googling” the phrase “kids and weather” results in a fascinating array of Web sites sharing the sad, threatening realities of our weather today. Reading through these pages, I realized many of the messages are the same as one finds on the news pages for adults. That said, I found reading the messages designed for kids had a much greater impact on me. Maybe that is because I was seeing the messages through the eyes of a child. If we viewed our global weather challenges through the eyes of children, would we not be doing more?

Regardless, I hope we are paying attention, preparing, and planning to keep our children safe — not only today but in the future. The small child in me says: “work harder.”

Photo courtesy of Camp Howe, Goshen, Massachusetts