Seeking Volunteers for Camp Kindness Day 2020 Task Force

June 15, 2020

Each year, the camp community participates in Camp Kindness Day — an event highlighting the practice of intentional kindness that happens every day at American camps. Camp Kindness Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the great work that camps are doing to teach kindness in engaging, simple, repeatable, and high-impact ways that live on in the daily lives of campers and staff members when they return home.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the ways in which camps celebrated kindness in years past will not be possible this year.

In an effort to reimagine what Camp Kindness Day 2020 will look like, ACA is pulling together a volunteer task force. This task force will function for a single month to support Camp Kindness Day on July 14, 2020. Individuals should only volunteer if they have the time and desire to volunteer for this task force.

What’s needed:

  1. Creative thinkers for concepting the way camps, seasonal staff, camp pros, and campers could engage in Camp Kindness Day 2020
    1. What does this look like for virtual camp, in-person camp, camp in a box, and alternative camp this year?
  2. Writers for translating the new concepts into copy to support the reimagined Camp Kindness Day.
  3. Content creators — artists, graphic designers, and photographers capable of generating content to support the reimagined Camp Kindness Day
  4. Networkers — individuals capable of using free methods of communication to get the word out about Camp Kindness Day
  5. Project managers (1–2) capable of organizing this entire concept from start to implementation on July 14

If you or someone you know would like to be on the task force, please email Kelley Freridge at