Take a Stand for Nature Experiences: Respond to Toys “R” Us

November 5, 2013

Guest blog by Tish Bolger, ACA President

As advocates for children and youth, it is our job to make sure they are provided with the very best learning opportunities during their developing years. Some of the most important opportunities we offer the children and youth in our charge are nature experiences.

Camps and youth programs are continually striving to create “Carbon Footprint Champions” who have vast experience with nature, conservation, and stewardship. That is why a recent commercial from Toys “R” Us — which seems to place an emphasis on a trip to a toy store to the detriment of the outdoors — is so disheartening.

In response to the commercial, the American Camp Association (ACA)® has created a way for members and other youth advocates to reach out to Toys “R” Us CEO Antonio Urcelay to share the importance of nature and why — while we honor creative play as a child’s right — we should protect and encourage a child’s right to play outdoors.

Please use the link below to use ACA’s pre-written letter template or share your own thoughts on the importance of nature experiences for all children.

Take a Stand for Nature Experiences

Tish Bolger
ACA President