Camp Goes Global: Your Campers Can Make a Difference

March 16, 2012

This summer, you can give your campers the opportunity to make a meaningful connection with campers at Camp Sizanani — which provides education, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, crucial life skills, and the fun of a camp experience to children affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis in South Africa.

It only costs $500 to sponsor a camper in South Africa for a camp session and a year of after-camp follow-up programming. Through the Camp Goes Global campaign, your campers participate in providing funds (raising money) to sponsor one child . . . or more!

How do I participate?

The Camp Goes Global campaign can be easily implemented into any camp environment — programming is flexible and can be carried out in whatever way works best for the camp. Resources for introducing the program to parents and campers are available online. 

For example, last summer, campers at Teton Valley Ranch Camp (TVRC) were given the opportunity to opt out of their daily snack (their “Guzzle”) for one day. They were told that the $1.50 each camper would have spent on their snack would instead go toward sponsoring a Camp Sizanani camper. Participation in the “Day of No Guzzle” was not mandatory — but Teton Valley still had a 100% participation rate. Even just one day, one moment of giving up a snack, was enough to make a difference in the life of a South African camper — and the lives of the TVRC campers.

Benefits for American Campers

Forming Global Awareness

Just like everything else in camp, through Camp Goes Global, campers are not being taught about the world through books and tests — rather, they’re learning through experience and real-life integration. Forming a connection with a camper in South Africa invests American campers in the idea of other countries, cultures, and people. Opportunities abound for those who see a world beyond our borders, and Camp Goes Global can be the first spark (or the reinforcement) of global curiosity and awareness in campers. 

Discovering the Spirit of Giving

Camp Goes Global guides campers in what might be one of their first opportunities to choose to give — to view themselves as “givers.” What an empowering realization for a camper — that he or she can choose to give and choose to do something positive. Camp Goes Global makes a lasting impact on the character and goals of participating campers.

Learn more about Camp Goes Global, Camp Sizanani, and other programs offered by Global Camps Africa. To register for your free Camp Goes Global Resource Kit, visit

Camp staff, if you’re interested in the Camp Goes Global campaign, share this opportunity with your supervisor!