Facebook: The Camp Version

July 12, 2011

Ever lost your cell phone? Then you know the uneasy feeling of losing all those numbers, reminders, apps, and connections.

At camp, you are probably told to put the phone away when you’re with campers — or maybe you don’t even get reception! While on the job, does being without your phone — and all its many resources — make you feel uneasy?

Never fear! In “Configure the Ideal Smartphone: ‘Apps’ for Camp Staff to Download and Install,” Kim Aycock, MST, shows you that you don’t need a cell phone to have a successful summer.

This week, we’ll look at what Kim has to say about the “camp version” of Facebook, and how you can help campers get friended early in the camp experience.

“The camp version of [Facebook] is to facilitate the formation of friendships within your camper group. Campers will have immediate opportunities to "friend" others, and may need your help to know what to 'post on their wall' or put out there for fellow campers to see . . . Having several name games or icebreakers in mind is a great way for a newly-formed group to get to know one another. Have campers introduce themselves as their favorite superhero. They can include their character's name, costume preference, special powers, battle cry, and their sidekick, if it is desirable to have one."

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