The Night of the Sleep Talkers

August 31, 2012

Here's our first summer story! A big thank you to Justina Lau for submitting. Keep the stories coming! (Send them to

I spent my summer with the Diabetic Youth Foundation. During camp, we do midnight check of campers’ blood sugar levels. Before one particular midnight checking, it was my rotation to watch the kiddos and to put them to sleep. Well, I had no idea what I was up against! I was in a room filled with twelve campers by myself! They were shouting, laughing, farting, and causing chaos as young campers do!

After telling them that pool time would be taken away if they didn't get into their own bunks, they were immediately quiet. I asked if they would like music, and all of them agreed they wanted to listen to some. I played a variety of piano songs off of my iTouch. One of my campers surprised me when he recognized “Canon in D.” The other campers enjoyed the soothing melodies. Soon I had a request to play a lullaby, and the only one I had was “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Soon, snores became the only noise in the cabin.

I sat down on an empty bunk waiting for my co-counselors to return for midnight checking when I heard a loud shout, “HEY GUYS!” I was so frightened . . . and then I realized it was just one of my campers sleep talking. He mumbled something I didn’t understand, and then another camper above the bunk I was sitting on, also fast asleep, started responding to his mumbles. Pretty soon the mumbling conversation ended with, “Okay, bye guys!” I laughed to myself at how silly my campers were. They were sleep talking to each other!

Then, it was time to do midnight checking. There was one camper that I checked every night. He talked a lot in his sleep, too. While I was trying to check his blood levels, he talked to me like I was someone else. It was funny but a struggle. He finally snapped out of it and apologized for thinking I was someone else.

The next morning, all three of my campers had no recollection of what I experienced. It was a very interesting night — a night I still tell my friends and family about.

Photo courtesy of Cheley Colorado Camps, Estes Park, Colorado