Taking Care of YOU

June 11, 2013

Making sure your campers are safe, healthy, and having fun all summer long is your main goal. To do that, you need to take care of yourself!

Here on the Counselor Blog, we want you to have the best resources for self-care . . . because camp is just that much more fun when you’re alert, ready, and in control.

Read up on these past blogs before camp starts, and make plans to be at your best!

“Stay Healthy at Camp!”
What you’ll learn about: eating well, staying active, getting enough sleep

“Catching ZZZs”
What you’ll learn about: how much sleep you really need, tips for getting more rest

“My Favorite Camp Counselor” (guest post by author and speaker Michael Eisen)
What you’ll learn about: getting enough sleep, making time for fun, reducing stress

Did you notice how many of the posts mention the importance of getting enough sleep? That'd be ALL of them. So this summer, can you make sleep a top self-care priority?

Have fun and stay healthy!

Photo courtesy of Pali Adventures, Running Springs, California