Top 4 Tips for Helping Campers Beat the “End of Camp Blues”

July 27, 2011

Camp is an action-packed adventure — so it’s no wonder that campers can become a little tired, moody, or grumpy at the thought of the camp season ending and having to say goodbye to their friends.

Use these 4 tips to help campers beat the “end of camp blues”:

  1. Remind campers that they’ll miss camp because they had fun — and that feeling is normal.
  2. Encourage campers to reconnect with friends at home and let them know the importance of sharing camp experiences and stories with those friends.
  3. Tell them to watch for or plan local reunions and get-togethers where they can connect with friends from camp.
  4. Explain that they can stay in touch with camp friends. Have them exchange addresses, e-mails, or phone numbers.

Before using these tips, make sure you know the rules about connecting with your campers after camp.

  • If your camp’s policy does not allow you to communicate with campers after the season is over, make sure you do not give out your contact information.
  • If your camp has social media policies, make sure you and your campers are following those rules, too.

Now go out and enjoy these last few weeks of camp!

Photo courtesy of Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake.