What Will You Notice on the First Day of Camp?

February 22, 2012

According to Jeffrey Leiken, MA, after the first day at camp, you'll be able to tell which campers will be your challenging ones and which campers will be everyone's favorites.

The key to being a truly great counselor, though, is to be able to recognize "the masses in the middle."

Leiken writes:

"[Truly great counselors] are careful to ensure that they focus their attention, time, and energy on these kids too. They do this even though these kids are not necessarily as easy to connect with (you'll often have to do more work to engage them) and even though it is easy to justify not putting the extra 'over and above' time in with them because they seem to be doing fine."

Make sure ALL your campers feel special this summer, and you will be that special counselor for them!

Learn about other smart techniques you can use from day one in Jeffrey's article "Heightened Awareness Camp Counseling: Going Beyond Great."