For Your Resume: Initiative and Self-Direction

August 17, 2011

When you’re a camp counselor, you walk the fine line of doing the job you were hired to do — keep kids safe, healthy, and having fun — and doing it your way. It takes a lot of initiative and self-direction to make it through a camp day. Think about these questions before you start writing your resume:

How did I manage my goals and my time?
How did I explore and discover learning opportunities?
What did I do to hone my program planning, supervision, and evaluation skills?

Being on duty 140 hours per week or more is not for the faint at heart. Kids are demanding, and when you live on-site, you cannot simply leave the office when the clock strikes five. Camp counselors are on duty when mosquito bites get itchy, someone falls and cuts his knee, or homesickness strikes in the middle of the night. To be a camp counselor, you’ve got to take the initiative to solve problems and have a good work ethic to do what needs to be done, no matter when you need to do it.