Fun in Nature: “Do You See?”

August 14, 2012

Here’s a fun nature activity that you can do with your campers. No equipment or supplies necessary!

This exercise is valuable in helping campers become aware of the common habit of looking without seeing.

Without explaining why, ask group members to look in one direction for 60 seconds. Then, have them close their eyes and ask them questions about the area they just viewed. For example:

  • Were there clouds in the sky?
  • Did they notice any animal signs?
  • How many colors did they see?
  • What was the largest thing they saw?
  • What was the smallest?

Participants may then open their eyes and take another look at the area. Ask them what they see this time that they didn’t notice the first time. Repeat the exercise and you will find that the campers have become much more observant.

Find this and more in 101 Nature Activities for Kids, by Jane Sanborn and Elizabeth Rundle, in the ACA Bookstore. (Also available for digital download.)

Photo courtesy of Camp Howe in Goshen, Massachusetts