Thank You to Our Local Volunteer Visitors

September 11, 2019

As an ACA staff member, it’s always great to get out in the field and see camps and interact with our volunteers. This summer I had many opportunities to be with members at their camps and felt the urge to share one experience.

I had the privilege of shadowing an ACA Accreditation visit, where I had the opportunity to observe the process first hand and experience just how great the educational benefit for camps can be as well as how amazing and dedicated our ACA volunteer Visitors are.  From the moment we started with quick networking chatter between fellow camp professionals and a proud tour by the camp director to the excitement of being immersed in the camp experience with kids, the visit was so mutually beneficial and positive for both the camp and the volunteer! 

Everyone saw the interaction as professional growth for themselves, their fellow professionals, and the camp industry. Yes, we checked vehicle log paperwork, where lifejackets were stored, and if they were being worn; however, the relaxed ease the visitors portrayed made it easy to stop and snap a fun picture of benches around a campfire pit (an idea to take home) and to chat with the maintenance guy who showed us some old relics from 50 years ago at the maintenance shop. ((Note: Any photos during a visit are taken with full permission of the camp!)  All of these personal touches relaxed the camp staff, and a good visit became great as we flipped through well-organized and highlighted binders.

It’s always good to take a step back and see the great things our volunteers do. The time volunteers take to go through training, to prepare prior to a visit, to review paperwork and communicate with camps being visited, and to set up logistics – all these things make the work of ACA happen. And volunteers do this with professionalism and camp spirit. The knowledge and experience volunteers share is humbling, and it seems they always try to give more to the field they love.

I truly thank you for all you do and for allowing us to be part of your great spirit

Membership Manager Eastern Region