ACA, Southeastern Camp Spotlight

December 17, 2019
Summer Academy at the University of Georgia students

Summer Academy at the University of Georgia

Summer Academy at the University of Georgia is an academic-focused summer camp for youth ages 11-17.  Held on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, Summer Academy is a non-traditional camp setting, part of the increasing camps on campus model.  As Brian Stone, Director of Youth Programs, explains, “our programs are held across the campus in academic classrooms, workshops, and labs.  Our students are housed in a university dorm and eat meals at campus dining facilities.”  Each camp offers unique focus opportunities for youth, such as STEM, arts, communication, and college and career preparation.  Summer Academy is celebrating their 20th season in the summer of 2020. 

Most of our camps offered through Summer Academy require no prior experience or skills and are open to any interested students.  A few advanced camps, like Mini Medical School, Film, and Video Game Design, require prior attendance to the entry level camps.  Attendees come from both the Athens area and from across Georgia, with a large number attending from metro Atlanta.

During the academic day, students engage in hands on, interactive learning in small camps of about twenty students.  Group projects, field trips, guest speakers, and culminating/capstone events at the end of the week are all part of their learning model.  During the afternoon and evenings, students are offered fun social activities like time at the pool, games, intramural sports, scavenger hunts, movies, and an end-of-week dance.

Summer Academy at the University of Georgia has three main goals:  1) for students to learn in an interactive, small group about an academic subject they have interest in; 2) to gain life skills like a sense of independence, mastery of a new subject, improved communication, better teamwork skills, and more; and 3) to learn about the collegiate and career paths in their area of interest.

Stone comments, “I am proud that we offer a unique type of camp, one with an academic focus, but open to all experience levels with no required entry test.  We have provided, and will continue to provide, a breadth of academic topics in an engaging way to the young people of Georgia!” 

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