The Importance of Accreditation - Upcoming Newsweek Editorial

December 3, 2018

ACA has been receiving calls from camps asking about a Newsweek feature titled, “The Best of American Camps & the Importance of ACA Accreditation.” This feature will run on Newsweek’s homepage between January and March of 2019.

Newsweek sent a mass email to a wide variety of camps presenting them the opportunity to pay to be included in this feature, and camps are wondering if this is spam. It is not spam.

Last March, ACA contributed an editorial to Newsweek on the importance of accreditation. The article did not run last spring but was moved to January 2019. To be clear, ACA has not paid anything for this article. It is an editorial, and we are thrilled that it will be featured. ACA is not encouraging nor discouraging camps from using their marketing funds to participate. Ultimately, that is a decision the camps will need to make.