Important Messages about ACA Accreditation and Resources

April 5, 2016

With summer quickly approaching, we want to share three important reminders: 

  1. Please make sure to sign the 2016 Annual Statement of Compliance to attest that your camp is in continual compliance with all applicable mandatory standards and the standards under which they were last visited. This document can be read, signed, and submitted online. You will need your ACA user name (often your email address) and your password. This document is required for all currently accredited camps, including those that completed the Annual Accreditation Report. 
  2. The National Standards Commission (NSC) introduced a new mandatory standard in the Fall of 2015 that is effective for the 2016 camp season. This standard, HR.8.B, addresses the need to train staff to avoid one-on-one interactions with campers. In January 2016, the NSC removed the mandatory status from HW.23 Staff Health History, due to conflicts with employment law in some states, but the wording of the standard has not changed. To print replacement pages for your Accreditation Process Guide which includes the above references revisions, please visit the Standards Revisions page
  3. Does your camp offer swimming? If so, you should be well aware of the mandatory ACA standard that requires verification of lifeguards’ skills, specific to your site and environment (PA.4). ACA staff have updated the sample skills checklist to better reflect current lifeguard training requirements. You can use this checklist to document your lifeguards’ skills verification.

If you have any questions, please contact Rhonda Mickelson, ACA director of standards, at