National Camp Day

November 19, 2018

Monday, November, 19 is National Camp Day, marking a perfect time to start thinking about summer camp.  Ninety-six percent of campers said they made new friends, while seventy percent of parents said that their child gained self-confidence during a camp experience (ACA Youth Outcomes Battery).

Find a Camp

Check out the Find a Camp tool to discover the best camp for your child.  You can search by location, program, cost, and more.  Finding the right camp can seem overwhelming, but this tool allows you to choose what’s best for your family.  Additionally, ACA suggests reaching out to camps, in person or over the phone.  Ask camp directors if their camp is accredited.  ACA-accredited camps voluntarily meet health and safety standards to ensure that their camp is a safe and fun environment for your child.

Early-Bird Registration

Many camps offer early-bird registration during the fall and winter months.  Ask the director what kind of registration they offer when signing your child up early.

Camp Scholarships

There is a camp for every family budget.  Ninety-three percent of ACA-accredited camps offer scholarship assistance (ACA Business Operations Report 2018).  The best time to apply for camp scholarships is right now, so reach out to the camps that you’re interested in and ask how.