Thank You, Welcome, and Farewell to Members of the National Standards Commission

November 25, 2019
Picture (left to right): Tim N., Marie S., Kurt P., Mary Anne K., Nancy H., Reid M., Heather S., Sandy W., Danielle P.

This past September was a time for transition for the National Standards Commission (NSC).  We want to say thank you to all NSC members and recognize those whose term on the commission has ended as well as welcoming our new appointees and recognize those who are continuing in service.

Many thanks to our two outgoing members who have both provided a significant contribution to the commission with their time, effort, commitment, and sharing of knowledge:

  • Jude Bevan – Chair (ACA Southeastern)
  • Dan Reynolds (ACA Ohio)

Welcome and congratulations to the new members of the NSC whose terms began in September 2019:

  • Marie Schmid (ACA Northland)
  • Tim Nielsen (ACA New England)

Recognition of our continuing commission members:

  • Nancy Hartmann (ACA New England) - NSC Chair, appointed September 2019
  • Kurt Podeszwa (ACA Texoma)
  • Heather Steward (ACA Northern California)
  • Nancy Hartmann (ACA New England)
  • Mary Anne Killeen (ACA New York-New Jersey)
  • Reid McKnight (ACA Rocky Mountain)
  • Sandy Weaver (ACA Keystone)

The charge of the ACA National Standards Commission (NSC) is to provide oversight of the Association’s accreditation program. The purposes for which this program exists, and to which the NSC is committed, are:

  1. To fulfill the ends of the American Camp Association and
  2. To deliver a rigorous but accessible accreditation program based on standards and an accreditation process where:
    • The program provides an educational tool for camp directors and staff. The role of ACA standards as an educational tool is foremost to the accreditation program.
    • The standards focus on health, safety, and risk management related to the camp experience.
    • The administration of accreditation is through a team effort of camp staff, ACA volunteers, and ACA staff.
    • The public can judge the commitment of a camp program to high standards through established benchmarks.