Accreditation Information for ACA, Texoma

2018 Camp Information Form

Camp Information Form - required from any camp anticipating a visit in the coming summer - Due February 1

Accreditation Year Timeline

February 1 - Camp Information Form due
March - Visitor assignments sent via e-mail
May 1 - Camp Self-Assessment review completed by visitor 
June-August - On-site Visit (most visits take place during the summer months)

Make Sure Your Accreditation Process Guide Is Updated!

Updates: January 2012, October 2012, September 2014, and September 2015, January 2016

Standards Training

Current standards training is required when a camp is anticipating an accreditation visit. A person completing the course on behalf of a camp must actively assist in preparation for the accreditation visit, be on site a significant amount of time during the camp season, and participate fully in the on-site accreditation visit. A camp representative must complete a basic standards course or standards update course (if appropriate), October 2014 or later, before a 2018 accreditation visit. ACA membership is not required. Any participant from a currently accredited camp should bring the camp’s updated copy of the Accreditation Process Guide, 2012 Edition, or download a copy of the standards as a report from My Accreditation.

  • Basic Standards Course - The ACA Basic Standards Course prepares people who are NEW to the accreditation process for their accreditation visits, and serves as an introduction to the accreditation process for people interested in becoming accreditation visitors. 
  • Standards Update - Prerequisite: Prior completion of the Basic Standards Course, October 2011 or later. The ACA Standards Update Course is a review for the camp director or staff member who has previously been actively involved in an ACA accreditation visit in the recent past.

Courses are generally free, and participants are asked to bring their lunches. If lunch is provided, there is a fee to cover the cost of lunch. Your registration IN ADVANCE is appreciated, so we can ensure that the proper materials are available for everyone who attends.

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Who to Contact for Standards Related Questions

Kevin Spaeth
ACA, Texoma Standards Chair

  • Questions about the application of specific standards
  • Questions or explanation of scoring
  • Local Review or Appeal of scores after a visit

Amanda Zoellner
Standards Specialist

  • Training schedules
  • Administrative questions, resource requests
  • Questions about the application of specific standards
  • Visitor/Camp contact information
  • General accreditation program questions