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Is your Accreditation Process Guide v.2019 up to date?

If your camp is going through a visit this year, be sure you have the most up to date APG to work through your preparation. ACA provides each camp an updated APG in the year of their visit. These were shipped directly to camps in November 2020. If you received an APG prior to this period, please make sure it is up to date with the Accreditation Process Guide (APG) v.2019 Pull-and-Replace Pages - November 2019 NEW.


Ready to access the digital version of the Accreditation Process Guide v.2019 in the Accreditation Portal? APG access is given to persons listed as Primary or Standards Contacts, or Accreditation Customizers of fee-paying camps or ACA volunteer visitors.


Camps with visits scheduled beyond 2021 will continue to use the Accreditation Process Guide v.2012 until signing a statement of compliance that agrees to bridge to the Accreditation Process Guide v.2019. Be sure that you are in compliance with the new mandatory standards.

Ask Me Anything Session

Working on preparing for your upcoming visit? Join us for open office hours each month hosted by our standards gurus ready to answer your questions about a specific standard, the accreditation process, how to organize and more. Learn about resources available from ACA, dig deeper into standards, and become an ACA accreditation expert. Each session will include an opportunity for open discussion, questions and coaching with western region Standards Instructors and ACA Staff.


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Accreditation Process Workshop

Audience: This workshop is designed for camp representatives who are preparing for accreditation visits in 2021 and beyond. The course is appropriate for those who are new to the accreditation process AND those who have been part of an accreditation visit or completed standards training in the past. Every camp being visited must have at least one person who completes the workshop on behalf of the camp; that person must actively assist in preparation for the accreditation visit, be on site a significant amount of time during the camp season, and participate fully in the on-site accreditation visit. 


Workshop Objectives: Participants leave feeling excited, engaged, and ready to prepare for an accreditation visit. They know where to find and how to use information, resources, and technology provided by ACA. They can navigate the Accreditation Process Guide, 2019 Edition to understand compliance and applicability of standards, including all revisions to the standards and the accreditation process, and they can articulate the steps in the visit timeline and the responsibilities of the camp and the visitors. 


Accreditation Process Guide, 2019 Edition (updated 11/2019):  Throughout this blended workshop, you'll often be asked to look at specific standards or pages in the Accreditation Process Guide v. 2019 (APG).  We recommend having a copy with you while you complete the workshop. One copy will be provided to all current fee-paying camps being visited in 2021.  All other camps paying accreditation fees have access to an electronic version of the standards online via the ACA website Accreditation Portal (APG access is given to persons listed as Primary or Standards Contacts, or Accreditation Customizers of fee-paying camps or ACA volunteer visitors).  Non-fee-paying camps and camps wanting additional printed copies can purchase these through the bookstore.  


Workshop Requirements: This a blended workshop including an asynchronous online portion and synchronous instructor-led virtual follow-up session completed via Zoom. The online asynchronous segment should take 1.5 to 3 hours depending on your knowledge of the ACA Standards; the synchronous follow-up Zoom session is scheduled for an hour.  

IMPORTANT ACCESS INFORMATION: Once you complete the registration process for this online workshop and required virtual follow-up please check your email for access directions and information.  The site that hosts the course is best used with CHROME or FIREFOX. Other browsers may cause errors. 


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Questions about a workshop? Contact Tori Barnes

Accreditation Portal

The Accreditation Portal is where the primary contact and standards contact of a camp account can find a number of tools to help you in both your visit and non visit years.


Accreditation Portal

Accreditation Volunteers

Thank you for your dedication to the accreditation program! From reviewing Annual Accreditation Reports to conducting on-site visits, we appreciate all that you do for ACA! If you are not a visitor but are interested in taking part in this impactful experience, we invite you to learn more about becoming a visitor.


Visitor Resources


Questions? Contact:

Tori Barnes, Standards Manager | 765-349-3527

Jennifer Young, Standards Chair - ACA, Northern California


Considering accreditation for the first time? Contact:

Jami Foster, Membership Manager | 765-349-3519