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Getting to Know You

Welcome to our Nor Cal member shout out feature, where we showcase a member or member camp offering unique service and/or programs to our ACA Northern California area.  Here’s to building community and getting to know each other.

Meet Heather Stewart

Heather represents a unique group of volunteers who do not work directly in the camping industry, but who continue to volunteer and support the camping movement.  Heather actually works for the City of San Mateo as a Senior Management Analyst in the Community Development Department.  She volunteers for ACA as a Standards Visitor, an Instructor, and serves on the National Standards Commission.  On a side note, Heather is an avid sailor and is often seen on the waters of San Francisco Bay. Here is her story…

"Growing up in Girl Scouting and then becoming a professional Girl Scout Camp Director fulfilled my search for my first career, even when I didn't exactly know what I was looking for. After 15 years in Southern California, I moved north, and my current employer was "supposed" to be a weigh station before my next camp administration job. I've now been here for almost 25 years! I have chosen to stay involved in the Standards program all these years as my way to stay in touch with "camp", and to continue to contribute to the importance of all the benefits we believe develop and grow within both campers and staff because of their camp experience."

Heather’s commitment to the impact of the camp experience is both appreciated and noteworthy.  And exemplifies how, no matter what you do or where you go, there will always be a place for you at camp! Thank you to Heather, and to all our volunteers who continue to support the camp experience.



Meet Rose Powell – Student in Action!

Rose is a Senior in Recreational Management at California State University East Bay, gradating in June 2018.  She has attended camps all her life starting at age 6 at YMCA Raintree Ranch where she stayed until she was able to work there her first summer.  One summer on staff was all it took for Rose to know she wanted to work in camp the rest of her life.  She went on to be staff at both YMCA and private camps, and following graduation, will be looking for full-time work in the camping industry to continue her passion.  She currently works for the City of Dublin and outside of school and work, enjoys spending my free time with her horse named Kingston.


Rose believes strongly in the power of camp, and was actively involved with the Northern California Local Council of Leaders as the Student Representative over this past year.  She greatly enjoys this role and is looking for more ways to involve our Emerging Professional in Camping (EPIC) in the camp community.  At the recent ACA National Conference, she met with other professionals from our area on how they can help build a new EPIC group in Northern California.  Way to go Rose! 





Note:  If you have an interesting program or camp feature to share, or would like to offer a member’s name to include in a future edition, please contact Sari Van Otegham.