ACA Winnekota Leadership Summit Program Highlights

Michael Brandwein will be with us for the entire day and will spend the morning presenting information about working with campers.  During the afternoon his focus will be about bringing out the best in staff. 

Morning Presentation

BUILDING GREAT YOUNG PEOPLE: How to Use L.A.S.E.R.B.E.A.M. to Develop Outstanding Character & Life Skills in Campers
Michael Brandwein, educator/author/staff trainer


Based on Michael’s latest best-selling book, this exciting session demonstrates exactly what to say and do to develop outstanding character, social emotional skills, and life skills in young people. Saying “Be nice!” and “Show some respect!” doesn’t work. Michael’s warm, positive, highly acclaimed L.A.S.E.R.B.E.A.M. technique has been taught to hundreds of thousands of educators, youth professionals, parents, and other leaders throughout the world. No “theory.” These are practical, hands-on skills you will use immediately and every day. This session teaches how to identify exactly what behaviors we want to develop in young people, and how to use positive communication and modeling to teach them. Develop outstanding behaviors that demonstrate great character traits and qualities such as teamwork, caring, confidence, persistence, responsibility, respect, and other keys to success throughout life. You will be recharged and revitalized with our ability to make positive differences in campers every day.

Afternoon Presentation

COACHING THE COACHES: Training the Camp Leadership Team to Bring Out the Best in Staff
Michael Brandwein, educator/author/staff trainer


We want our Leadership Team out there every day working closely, positively, and supportively with the staff they supervise. We want them to do more than just “check in” and more than just help with problems. It takes many different skills to do this effectively. We know we must help the Team do this. The strongest, most successful camp programs know that it’s a terrific investment to provide excellent training to the Leadership Team to support them in their responsibility as “staff coaches.” So what we need are training activities and materials to give the Team annual practice to guide this staff growth, while keeping in mind that the way we teach the Team must be kept fresh, challenging, and increasingly helpful each year so that we can support and motivate these key leaders to stay. Get Michael’s newest and best techniques to make sure that our training and support of staff doesn’t end when campers arrive and assure that it continues on a weekly basis in meaningful, performance-enhancing ways.