Volunteer in ACA, Northland

The American Camp Association is dedicated to our Mission — to enrich the lives of children, youth and adults through the camp experience. Expansively, we focus on the promotion of human development. While we utilize diverse delivery systems and methods, we have one common foundation...  Volunteers. Individuals who are willing to volunteer their time, expertise, and talents in order to serve others are critical to fulfilling our Mission.  Without the generosity of spirit, time, and resources of these people, we could not achieve our goals to serve and strengthen our communities.  Volunteers help ACA to:

  • Spread our message
  • Expand our reach
  • Ensure program and service sustainability and impact
  • Increase public trust
  • Reduce costs
  • Engage and support those who serve kids and families through camp experiences
  • Mentor and train the next generation of professionals
  • Attract new financial supporters
  • Provide objective feedback on the performance of the association
  • Build capacity
  • Identify societal change and emerging issues — and help the association to adapt appropriately

Volunteering — A Foundation of Human Development

The personal benefits of volunteering go well beyond the emotional boost of “giving back.”  Studies show that people who volunteer their time can also strengthen their physical and mental health. Volunteering has been proven to:

  • develop social and relationship skills
  • increase self-confidence
  • combat depression
  • decrease illness and mortality rates
  • bring fun and fulfillment
  • strengthen families
  • provide career experience
  • renew creativity and motivation
  • teach valuable job skills

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteer Today!

Questions? Contact Hasim Dawkins to find out about the great opportunities available in ACA, Northland!

Current Short Term Volunteer Opportunities:
1. Help with hospitality at an upcoming ACA Northland event
2.  Share your expertise and talents with others by facilitating a session at an upcoming event  or  webinar
3. Assist with writing articles and related content for one of our newsletters
4. Contribute content  on our Facebook  and Twitter accounts
5. Monitor local public policy issues that would be of interest to camps
6. Recruit and welcome  new members

Current Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Local Council of Leaders (LCOL) positions
    The ACA, Northland LCOL is responsible for he local delivery of ACA services, programs, and outreach. Members of the ACA, Northland LCOL serve two year terms that can be renewed for up to two additional terms. The ACA, Northland LCOL meets 4-6 times a year either in person or via teleconference. In addition, LCOL share in the work of the committee that they represent. ACA, Northland is recruiting for the following LCOL positions:
    • National Council of Leaders (NCOL) Representative
  2. Join a Committee ( Each Committee involves one time, short term and longer term volunteer responsibilities) ACA, Northland is currently recruiting one volunteers to join the following committees:
    • Professional Development: Responsible for  developing plans to build knowledge, skills and abilities for every individual through a variety of methods and partnerships. Exploring new methodologies that meet the needs of members and customers.
    • Membership Outreach : Key responsibility is designing and implementing an outreach  and promotional plan to our present members and potential new customers.
    • Public Policy: Monitoring local and state based issues that are of interest of the camp and youth development community.
  3. Becoming a Visitor for the ACA-Accreditation Program