ACA Accreditation

Is your camp currently ACA accredited?  If so, one of two things apply to you for 2017.

1. If your camp is NOT scheduled for a 2017 onsite visit.

As ACA shifts to a five-year visit cycle and in following industry standards for accredited entities to complete a report in non-visit years, all currently ACA accredited camps not being visited in 2017 are required to complete the Annual Accreditation Report.

The National Standards Commission has set Feb. 15 as the “due date” in order to provide time for the reviews to occur and, in the rare event a camp doesn’t complete this required document, to schedule that camp for a visit the following summer. ACA doesn’t want to visit your camp in 2017 so please submit the AAR by the required date.  You can find information for completing this report to include a list of the questions to which you must respond, sample responses, and instructions for completion on the ACA website.

2. If your camp IS scheduled for a 2017 onsite visit. 

If your camp is scheduled for a 2017 onsite visit, someone from your camp who will be actively involved in the preparation of materials and onsite the day of the visit must attend a Standards Course (depending on that individual’s experience, it may be a Basic Standards Course or Standards Update Course).  If you are looking for a course, make sure to check the list of scheduled standards courses.  

It is also important to complete and submit the Camp Information Form – a document that is designed to allow your assigned visitors to learn more about your camp, who to contact, what programs are offered, what dates might work for a visit, etc.  Please make sure to complete and submit this important document.

Visitor assignments will be made in early March. 

Finally, we are pleased to share that the 2017 Certificates of Accreditation will be mailed to the primary contact for all currently accredited camps over the next several weeks.  Many camps post this certificate in their camp office and/or share it with their state licensing department.