Annual Accreditation Report — A Requirement of Accreditation

When ACA made the decision to move to a five-year visit cycle (after an initial three-year cycle for new camps), the requirement for currently accredited camps to complete an Annual Accreditation Report (AAR) was a key reason ACA felt this move was appropriate. In the two years the report has been required, we’ve heard many positive comments from camp owners/directors sharing they see the value of this report. Completing the AAR helps keep the ACA standards (and risk management) in the thought and planning process on an annual basis vs. just the year in which a camp is visited.  As we look to the 2018 visit season, we want to share two important pieces of information.

 2017 Annual Accreditation Report: For currently accredited camps who completed the AAR for the 2017 season (meaning you did NOT have an onsite visit in 2017), you will be sent an email (from with a PDF of the responses you submitted to complete the AAR.  Please retain this document for future reference. These emails are being sent the week of October 23. 

2018 Annual Accreditation Report: If your camp is currently accredited and you are not scheduled for an onsite visit in 2018, you will be required to complete the 2018 Annual Accreditation Report. ACA is currently in the process of updating the AAR online collection tool and it is unavailable. The primary contact of camps required to complete this report for 2018 will receive an email in early December with instructions for completion. We appreciate your patience as this technology change is being made. 

If you have any questions related to the Annual Accreditation Report, please contact Standards Specialist Abby Burbank at