Courses & Webinars to Help Meet ACA Standards

This list of ACA Online Courses and Recorded Webinars shows the ACA standards that would be addressed during the course or recorded webinar. Completing the course/webinar does not in itself "meet" the ACA standard listed. However, by completing the course, the learner will be introduced to topics that will help meet the standard or gain knowledge as to how they might meet the specific standard.

Download ACA Courses Realted to Standards v. 2019 

Course Title Course or Webinar  2019 Related Standards
A Counselor's Role in Healthcare – 0.75 CECs Course ST.4.1, ST.21.1
An Ounce of Prevention: Collecting & Using Camp Injury-Illness Data for Program Improvement – 1.0 CEC Course AD.14.2
Audition Versus Interview: Casting the Role of Camp Counselor – 1.5 CECs Webinar AD.25.1
Behavior Management That Works! Effective Strategies for Campers with Special Needs – 1.0 CEC Webinar ST.25.1, ST.29.1, ST.30.1
Being an Effective Nature Counselor: Activities to Engage Youth in the Outdoors – 1.0 CEC Course CR.4.1
Beyond Pink and Blue: Strategies for Addressing Gender Stereotypes in Youth Programs – 1.5 CECs Webinar ST.25.1, ST.29.1, ST.30.1, ST.31.1
Building a Better Lifeguard – 1.5 CECs Webinar ST.12, ST.34.1, PA.2.1, PA.3.1, PA.5.1
Camp Is for the Camper – 2.0 CECs Course ST.24.1, ST.25.1, PD.5.1
Creating a Sense of Community in Camp – 0.75 CECs Course CR.1.1, ST.25.1, ST.29.1
Creating Layers of Protection In Aquatics Environments – 1.5 CECs   Webinar PA.2.1, PA.3.1, PA.5.1
Creating Positive Youth Outcomes – 1.5 CECs   Course CR.2.1
Crisis and Risk Management Strategies for Camps and Experiential Youth Programs – 1.5 CECs   Webinar AD.13.1, AD.14.1, AD.14.2, AD.19
Critical Things Staff Need to Know about Bullying Prevention – 1.0 CEC Course ST.29.1, ST.30.1
Critical Things Staff Need to Know about Risk Management – 1.0 CEC Course ST.25.1, ST.26.1,
Designing Quality Youth Programs – 1.0 CEC Course CR.2.1
Developing a Preventative Maintenance Plan – 1.0 CEC Webinar CR.5.1
Effective Supervision Skills for Senior Staff – 1.0 CEC Course ST.27.1, ST.34.1
Engagement Strategies for Millennial Staff — That REALLY Works! – 1.5 CECs   Webinar ST.26.1
Essentials in Aquatics Risk Management – 1.5 CECs   Webinar PA.2.1, PA.3.1, PA.5.1
Exploring Technology for Camp Health Services – 1.5 CECs   Webinar AD.12.1, HW.14.1,
Fiscal Management – 1.0 CEC Course ST.5.1
Getting Better Every Day: Improve with Camp Program Quality Assessment – 1.5 CECs   Webinar CR.2.1, AD.31.1
Health and Safety: Preventing Injuries and Illnesses – 1.25 CECs   Course ST.21.1
How Safe Property Enhances the Camp Experience – 1.5 CECs   Webinar CR.5.1
How to Abuse-Proof Your Camp: Procedures for Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – 1.5 CECs   Webinar ST.25.1
Lessons Learned from Another Year of the ACA Crisis Hotline – 2012 – 1.5 CECs   Webinar ST.25.1
Lessons Learned from the ACA Crisis Hotline in the Summer of 2011 – 1.0 CEC Webinar ST.25.1
Managing Parental Fears – 1.5 CECs   Webinar CR.2.1, AD.33.1, PD.1.1
Planning for Risk Management for Your Camp – 1.0 CEC   Course AD.13.1.2, AD.14.2, AD.14.1, AD.19.1
Program Improvement Toolbox! – 3.0 CECs   Course CR.2.1, AD.31.1
Projects on a Nickel: Cost Effective & Simple Ways to Improve Your Camp Site – 1.5 CECs   Webinar CR.5.1
Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect– 1.0 CEC Course ST.25.1
Risk Management Essentials for Camp Horseback Riding Programs – 1.5 CECs   Webinar  ST.10.1, PD.2.1, PD.7.1, PD.16.1, PD.22.1
Site and Facility Considerations for Reconnecting Children and Nature – 1.5 CECs Webinar CR.4.1
Staff Training Strategies: Working Effectively with Teenage Campers – 1.5 CECs Webinar ST.25.1, ST.29.1,ST.30.1, ST.31.1
Teaching Techniques for Horseback Riding Instructors– 1.5 CECs Webinar  ST.33.1, ST.34.1, PD.5.1, PD.7.1
The Psychology of Influence: Strategies to Positively Shape Staff Behavior – 1.5 CECs Webinar ST.29.1, ST.30.1, ST.31.1
Tips and Tricks for Surveying Campers – 1.5 CECs Webinar AD.31.1
Traumatic Head Injuries in Camp and Other Youth Settings – 1.5 CECs Webinar ST.21.1, HW.9.2
Understanding Differences Between Homesickness, Separation Anxiety, and Normal Anxiety – 1.5 CECs Webinar ST.25.1, ST.29.1
Why Evaluations are Awesome: Cool Tips for Using Camp Evaluations to Make the Good Better and the Better Best – 1.5 CECs Webinar AD.31.1