First Aid/CPR Recognized Certifications

Accessible below to ACA members is a  list of certifications that are recognized by ACA to meet specified ACA standards, based on recommendations from the certifying bodies. A camp should also verify what certifications are recognized within the state where the camp is located. This list will be updated when changes are made. To request a review of the certification and determine whether it can be recognized by ACA, fill out this formPlease note that ACA will only accept certification review requests directly from camp operators that are ACA accredited or have submitted an application for accreditation.


At this time, the American Camp Association requires that any aquatic, first aid or CPR/AED certification must include, at minimum, 50% of course time in-person, for in-person instruction, hands-on practice, and skills assessment under the direct supervision of a certified instructor from a listed certifying organization. It is acceptable to have a portion of the course completed online (course readings, etc) prior to the in-person portion of the course. 

It is important the camp personnel verify the courses camp staff are completing both are recognized by ACA, the state (when applicable), and are appropriate for the camp's program and operation.