ICA and the 72- Hour Rule - 2017 Spring Standards Newsletter

Immediate Corrective Action (ICA) Process

A visitor MUST complete an ICA form for any missed mandatory standard (even when it is resolved during the course of the visit).

The ICA process:

  • Is ONLY for missed mandatory standards.
  • Allows documents to be created to meet the standard.
  • Involves documentation being sent to the ACA Administrative office (in Indiana). The staff will send it on to the lead visitor for review.

Review the steps for the ICA and examples of corrections for missed mandatory standards: Examples of Corrections for Missed Mandatory Standards

72-Hour Rule

The 72-Hour Rule is very different from, and not to be confused with, the ICA process. The 72-Hour Rule is a courtesy that may be extended to a camp as an option for the director to get his or her hands on missing documentation. The 72-Hour Rule may only be used for standards that require written documentation that can be verified to already be in existence, but for some inexplicable reason is not present at the time of the visit.

Review the steps to extend the 72-Hour Rule.

How to Score?

Q: A camp takes a 2-night overnight trip to NYC with campers ages 12-15. Must the leader take copies of health histories on the trip?

A: No. Because this trip is only 2 nights, it is scored in the PD section. PD.10 Emergency Information requires only that the camp specify WHEN the leader of out-of-camp activities must possess emergency information for each member of the group, including health histories. The camp may decide to send copies of health histories on the trip, but it is not required by the standard.

(If this trip were 3 nights or longer, it would be scored in the PT section. PT.9 Trip Documentation and Emergency Information would apply. PT.9 requires that the leader carry health histories, as well as other important information.)

Q: The camp I am visiting only serves rental groups. Are the only standards they need to score HW.26 (Emergency Care Personnel), HW.27 (Healthcare Planning), and HW.28 (Health Information)?

A: All camps must score HW.17 (Availability of an AED) – this includes camps that only serve rental groups.

Q: The camp I visited last year conducted a check of the sexual registry in the state in which the camp is located. Does this meet standards HR.4.2 which requires a check of the NSOPW.gov?

A: NO! HR.4.2 specifically requires verification that a check of the National Sex Offender Public website (NSOPW.gov) has been completed (OR verification that a check of the sex offender registry in all 50 states has been completed). Conducting such check in a single (or even some states) does not meet this mandatory standard.