Welcome the New…Congratulations to the "Continuing"

The National Standards Commission (NSC), whose purpose is to create and oversee the standards for an accreditation program that result in higher quality camp experiences, would like to welcome and congratulate the 85 newly accredited camps based on their 2016 visit!  These new camps were more than 10% of the 703 accredited visits conducted this summer. Going through the accreditation process is not an easy task yet is solid proof of camp’s accountability, credibility and commitment – it is evidence you care!

The NSC would also like to welcome new NSC member Kurt Podeszwa.  Kurt has served as an ACA volunteer in many roles, most recently as a member of the ACA Board of Directors. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the NSC!  We’d also like to say THANK YOU to outgoing member Ann McCollum from New Mexico.  Ann has a keen eye toward risk management and her insight and wisdom will be missed. 

Other NSC members include:  Judith Bevan – Chair (SE), Gail Albers (RM), Jed Buck (NYNJ), John Dovic (SE), Michael Jacobus (HOS), Beth Johns-Thomas (NE), and Dan Reynolds (OH). 

At the September 2016 NSC meeting, this key volunteer group spent much time discussing and planning the best methods by which to implement the four recommendations of the Accreditation Task Force.  At this point, their key focus is on reviewing, revising, and reformatting the standards themselves.  The goal is to develop a foundation of both accreditation standards and definitions that apply to all programs to be accreditedBe watching for additional information about this goal in the new year.

If you have any questions, please contact Rhonda Mickelson, ACA Director of Standards at rmickelson@acacamps.org .