Accreditation Standards: By the Numbers!

October 2013

Once again, it was a busy summer of accreditation visits for camps hoping to gain ACA accreditation and those wanting to maintain their current accreditation status. Below is an initial overview of summer 2013.

Number of camps visited: 835

Most Missed Mandatory Standards (and % of camps that scored “no”)

HW.23.1 — Staff Health History Forms (3.4 %)
PA.21.1 — Watercraft Guard Rescue Skills (3.3%)
PA.4.1 — Lifeguard Rescue Skills Specific to Camp’s Aquatic Area (1.5%)
HR.4.2 — Check of the National Sex Offender Public Web Site for Staff (1.5%)
HR4.1 — Completion of Voluntary Disclosure Statement by Staff (1.5%)

It is important to remember that a camp has ten days to verify they have come into compliance with a mandatory standard or they immediately lose accreditation.

Most Missed Nonmandatory Standards (and % of camps that scored “no”)

HW.1.2 — RN or MD On-Site Daily for Resident Camps (14%)
PD.31.4 — Protective Gear: Archery (11%)
HW.19 — Swimming Lessons: Certified Instructor (10%)
PD.38.2 — Public Providers of Specialized Activities: Adventure/Challenge (9%)
HW.11.1 — Healthcare Policies: Reviewed Every Three Years (7%)

All of these standards involve some sort of required written documentation.

The National Standards Commission (NSC) reviews this information (along with other questions and/or comments that have been raised over the summer) and uses it to inform additional areas of education needed, revisions and/or clarification to standards that might be appropriate, and the identification of trends.

The NSC met September 15–17, 2013! Watch for an update from that meeting in an October issue of ACA Now.

Contributed by Rhonda Mickelson