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Plan for Your Transportation Program Now

The transportation of campers continues to be a topic of concern to all camps. During the American Camp Association (ACA) National Conference in Chicago, many members of the insurance industry joined together for a roundtable to discuss emerging issues. At this point in time, insurance companies have identified a trend concerning accidents and the age of drivers. Camps can expect to see increased minimum age (twenty-one to twenty-five) and maximum age (sixty-nine) limit requirements. There are excellent resources available to camps to aid in the development of your transportation program. A new resource from OSHA, Guidelines for Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes, is a terrific addition to the literature. It is available for free at:

Wage Laws

Minimum wage laws are primarily state (not federal government) issues, and they often are intertwined with overtime issues. ACA has continued to educate camps about these complex issues. It is important you refresh yourself about the laws and requirements in your state. For a quick review of your state, ask these questions:

  • Does your state have its own minimum wage laws or does it accept the federal law (FLSA)?
  • Is there a state exemption from minimum wage and/or overtime for seasonal or recreational workers? What is the exemption and who is it for?
  • Does your state have exemptions for the following individuals working in camp?
    • Students
    • Program Counselors or Program Specialists
    • Professionals (e.g., nurses)
  • What is the base rate you must pay? (e.g., forty hours at minimum wage, etc.)
  • Do room and board allocations count toward the minimum wage requirement? What is the maximum amount allowed for room and board?
  • How does the state count on-duty hours — specifically in regards to sleeping and mealtimes?
  • What is the definition of functional staff in your state and are there differences in wage and hour provisions related to those positions?
  • What kind of recording documentation system or time card is required by the state to verify hours worked and hours paid?
  • What type of information pertaining to minimum wage is required to be posted and accessible to employees in your state?

Originally published in the 2006 Spring issue of The CampLine.