Resources for Crisis Planning

Books from ACA

  • Management of Risks and Emergencies
  • Leaving Nothing to Chance: Board Accountability through Risk Management
  • Mission Accomplished: A Practical Guide to Risk Management for Nonprofits
  • Mission Accomplished Workbook

ACA Resource Pack Tools

Sample forms, outlines, and work plans as either Word or WordPerfect files (provided on a floppy disk) that can be customized for your camp. Included in Resource Pack or Resource Pack II:

  • Emergency Checklist
  • Emergency Procedures (includes information on intruders, kidnapping, missing persons, waterfront emergencies)
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Insurance Checklist
  • Risk Exposure Chart
  • Risk Management Planning

Articles from Camping Magazine and The CampLine

Resources from Other Organizations and Agencies

Resources and links on emergency planning

Pamphlets and Publications


Originally published in the 2002 Winter issue of The CampLine.