Standards: Reviewed, Revised, Reformatted!

October 2015


What’s This Mean to Me?

  • The 2012 edition of the Accreditation Process Guide (APG) was released mid-September 2011.
  • All fee-paying camps and visitors will receive a complimentary printed version of the 2012 APG. These are distributed at the local level.
  • As stated in the required Annual Statement of Compliance*, an accredited camp continues to meet the standards under which it was last visited, as well as all applicable current mandatory standards. As there are some slight revisions to the mandatory standards in the 2012 edition of the Accreditation Process Guide, it is important to review the current mandatory standards to determine your continual compliance. Current mandatory standards can be viewed
  • Training for both camp personnel and visitors is required prior to a visit being conducted.

Highlights of the New Standards

  • A “Camp Self-Assessment” review must be completed prior to the start of staff training for the summer season (or earlier if required by your local leadership). This consists of a review of twenty pre-identified standards all requiring written documentation. It is expected the written documentation will be complete at the time of the review, although the actual scoring will take place the day of the on-site visit. Using a secure, Web-based system, camp personnel has the opportunity to customize a set of standards based on the camp’s program, site, and modes. This system also allows uploading documents for review by a third party (visitor).
  • The Web-based system is available to any fee paying camp, regardless of when their next visit is scheduled. Access to this site is at:
  • Resources previously available on the resource CD that accompanied the 2007 Accreditation Process Guide are now available online and are sorted by section of standard.

For the most up to date information regarding standards (including any clarification and/or corrections), make sure to check out the Accreditation Resources/Tools page!

*Watch for a copy of the 2016 Annual Statement of Compliance to be included with your 2016 Certificate of Accreditation being mailed in February. This document must be signed and submitted each year.