Why Improve Find a Camp?

  1. It’s an important tool to help an increasing number of children, youth, and adults from diverse cultures and backgrounds find the perfect camp experience, and we wanted to help parents even more.
  2. The new system will deliver camps and articles that are useful and comprehensive for parents.
  3. It provides much more detail for the parent and gives the camp more specific ways to reach parents.
  4. Find a Camp is a big component of showing ACA’s 501(c)3 nonprofit status, which includes serving the public.
  5. This site helps meet the needs of parents and will help drive parents/campers to the camp that’s a great fit for all involved.
  6. It provides a better chance for camps like travel camps, family camps, or sport camps to be recognized.
  7. The activities, special needs, programming, etc. search criteria on the new Find a Camp are revamped and up-to-date.
  8. This multi-faceted search provides an excellent way to refine large lists of camps.
  9. The guided search will help parents who are new to the idea of camp.
  10. Find a Camp’s updates and evolution will ensure it remains the number one search for parents and families looking for the right camp experience.