Environmental Factors for Camps to Consider

March 2019

Severe weather used to have a season. Now, severe weather can happen at virtually any time of the year. Environmental (nonweather-related) factors may include an identifiable element in the physical, cultural, demographic, economic, political, regulatory, or technological environment that affects the survival, operations, and growth of an organization.

Camps need to be prepared. It is important that camp leadership take the time now, in the pre-season, to identify potential emergencies and establish (or update) plans to deal with them. These plans should include severe weather and other environmental factors.

As camps prepare emergency plans, some questions to consider include:

  • What immediate action should be taken to protect campers/staff?
  • Who, if anyone, should be called? Authorities? Camp families? Neighbors?
  • What is the potential impact?
  • What follow-up action is necessary?
  • What communication strategy is in place?

Potential ACA Resources That May Help You Plan

Photo courtesy of Camp Wyonegoinc, Denmark, ME