Chaco x ACA Affiliate Support Fundraising Program

Chaco knows how important the summer camp experience is for kids. As public health concerns converge in the present moment, our team is committed to address the challenge head-on with our partners. We are proud to announce a forward-thinking funding support program designed to address the immediate economic effects of COVID-19, the impacts of shelter-in-place and social distancing on our camps.

Chaco’s new program gives participating ACA camps a way to raise funds through sales. Essentially, Chaco will provide your camp with unique and trackable link to For each consumer purchase that comes through this link, your camp will receive commission of 25% on each sale.

The requirements for participating in this program include being a currently ACA Accredited camp or member camp.  If you are a camp that is not currently a member, learn more about joining ACA today or call, 800-428-2267 opt. 1