Free Videos Daily from the ACA Bookstore

In response to the stay-in-place mandate affecting members of the camp community, the ACA Bookstore, beginning Wednesday April 1 and continuing through Sunday May 31 (two months), will offer access to two videos daily on its website FREE OF CHARGE from its vault of almost 400 camp-related videos. Featuring some of the most respected professionals in the camp community, including Connie Coutellier, Bob Ditter, Linda Erceg, Michael Jacobus, Jane Sanborn, Ann Sheets, and Stephen Wallace, among numerous others, the videos address such key topics as staff training, the business of camp, professional development, risk management, healthcare, and many others. To take advantage of this one-of-a-kind offer, simply go to the ACA Bookstore website and sign up.

Schedule of free-access videos for May 12 - 26

Tuesday May 12

  • Leave No Trace for Urban Camps (Jason Grubb)
  • Understanding Your Legal Duty of Care (Charles Gregg/ Catherine Hansen-Stamp)

Wednesday, May 13

  • The Safety Zone: Guidelines for Maintaining a Safe Environment When Working With Children (Bob Ditter)
  • Food Requests and Allergies: A Panel Discussion(Genie Gunn, et al.)

Thursday, May 14

  • When Disaster  comes to Camp: Exploring Emergency Preparations (VJ Gibbons)
  • Why Art at Camp Matters (Julie Kramer/ Kreg Hamburger)

Friday, May 15

  • Design a Big Programming Day Through Harold Gardner’s Multiple Maximizing Creativity & Innovation (Susan Chenet)
  • Getting Serious About Financial Aid (Paul Sheridan)

Saturday, May 16

  • Camper Outcomes & Assessment: The Keys to Quality Programming (Jim Sibthrop/ Laurie Browne)
  • Effective Employee Evaluations (Greg Churchman)

Sunday, May 17

  • Remove Foot From Mouth: Camp Communications 101 (Gary Kimball)
  • Camp Design: Master Planning Basics (Greg Copeland)

Monday, May 18

  • 10 Things Your Multi-Year Staff Aren’t Telling You (Stephanie Compton)
  • International Songs, Games, & Activities (Linda Pulliam)

Tuesday, May 19

  • Take Your Camp’s Health Preparedness Pulse (Linda Erceg)
  • CIT Program From A to Z (Steve Baskin)

Wednesday, May 20

  • A User-Friendly Guide to Understanding and Working More Effectively With Teens (Bob Ditter)
  • Volunteer Development  101: Promising Practices for Programs Managers (Barry Garst)

Thursday, May 21

  • It Can’t Happen Here—Expect the Unexpected (Gary Kimball)
  • Food Service: The Strength of Many Slices (Biko Koppel Spain)

Friday, May 22

  • They Asked for It, So Now What? (Mellisa Galazzi)
  • Maximizing Staff Creativity & Innovation (Arielle Rogge)

Saturday, May 23

  • Developing Year-Round Employees (Dan Zenkel, et al.)
  • Exploring Sound and Making Musical Instruments: A Camp Experience (John Zeretzke)

Sunday, May 24

  • Program Quality in Out-of-School Time Settings (Molly Wofford)
  • The Summer Camp Experience Doesn’t End With the Closing Program (Joel Winchip)

Monday, May 25

  • Integrating Your Outdoor Center With the Natural World: Nature/Site/Facility (Tom Neppi)
  • Moment to Own It: Add a Spark to Your Campfire Activities (Kim Mueller/ Bob Frey)

Tuesday, May 26

  • What’s Up With Standards? (Rhonda Mickelson/Kim Brosnan)
  • Camp Mythology: The Stories That Run Your Lives, Your Camps, and Influence Your Future (Jeff Leiken)