Associate Visitor Course - Training Curricula

Prerequisite: Online Precourse. Contact Kim to arrange enrollment for participants. Instructors will be enrolled and are expected to review content covered. Additionally, Instructors will be given access to monitor the progress of the participants in their local course. Access information will be sent.

General Resources for ACA, Inc. Local Offices

Volunteer Reimbursement Form: If you are volunteering with ACA,New EnglandACA, New York and New Jersey, or ACA, Illinois please contact that office directly.

Volunteers from all other areas, please use one of the following methods:

  1. Complete the online version or
  2. Complete a fillable pdf version and submit to
  3. Print the pdf and manually complete and submit

Need to request participant handout copies or other resources for your course? No problem!

Curriculum Materials

2017 Associate Visitor Course PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint Slide 50 Video