Visitor Update - Training Curricula

This workshop is designed for current standards visitors. It must be completed by any visitor before he/she is assigned as a visitor for accreditation visits in 2019 and beyond. All information below has been updated for summer 2019 visits.

General Resources for ACA, Inc. Local Offices

  1. Complete the online version or
  2. Complete a fillable pdf version and submit to
  3. Print the pdf and manually complete and submit
  • Need to request participant handout copies or other resources for your course? No problem!

Additional Materials

Training Curriculum

The following link takes you to ACA Connect Instructors-Trainers community library where you may download the PowerPoint Slide Deck

File 2019 Visitor Update Presentation

The materials below may be downloaded directly.
These same materials can also be found in the ACA Connect Instructors-Trainers community library.