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From Peg - March 2010
Published Date: 2010-03-01

When we are confronted by significant challenges that leave us feeling uncomfortable and even angry, it is important to take a moment and pause. A moment of reflection can offer us the critical time needed to remember why we feel so passionate in the first place. It helps us understand why we are experiencing such deep emotions. People who have adopted the vision and mission of enriching and changing the lives of others can do nothing but experience immeasurable passion as they do that work.

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Family Camp Impacts on Family Functioning
Published Date: 2012-01-01


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Why Camp Marketing Isn't Seasonal
Published Date: 2011-10-28

Summer is here and the campers are on their way! You're busy making last-minute preparations, training staff members, and getting ready for a summer filled with memories. You can put your marketing plans aside until the fall, right?

Think again. Marketing your camp is a year-round effort and summer is the best time to kick off your campaign for next season. Keeping positive memories alive in campers' minds throughout the year is essential to generating repeat business. It can also help you attract new campers in the future.

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